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The Swiss blaze producer, Elinchrom, and the inventive video light creator, Light and Motion, reported today that they are uniting to convey new diversion changing items to the market. The news comes in directly after Elinchrom made the Skyport Protocol open to different brands. Subsequently, it's nothing unexpected that the new organization is divulged alongside two new remotely controllable video lights.

The Light and Motion Stella scope of items is made of compact, battery-fueled, LED lights. They are altogether worked to last and sufficiently intense to be utilized with expansive light shapers. Making them the ideal device for videographers in a hurry, yet additionally for picture takers who lean toward consistent lighting instead of strobes. With the declaration of the new coordinated effort with Elinchrom, Light and Motion presented two new items: the Stella Pro 5000 RF and the Stella Pro 8000 RF.

The two units are weatherproof single-point LED lights adjusted at 5600K. However, what makes them novel is the expansion of the Skyport Protocol with the goal that they can be controlled from a remote, the EL Remote Control for Stella. Following the Elinchrom conventional settings, the remote offers 20 channels, four separate gatherings, and it can control the light power from 0 to 100%.

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